Monday, March 15, 2010

What can I say?

It has been awhile since I bothered to post anything. Things have been on the up and down for awhile and after finding out my SIL had been reading this and found much of what I said offensive to her (which doesn't matter to me in the least as she is about as in need of therapy as anyone I have ever met) I just didn't care about posting anything.

I guess I could try and catch up a little. I had a hysterectomy on February 10th. The surgery went well but the bladder recovery has taken a bit longer. Not a fun issue to have but I am on the mend and that is what matters. Because the day before surgery I got a new job at Lowe's after a bit of recovery time at home I quit the job I had a Murphy's. I really had not intentions of going back to that job if I could help it and luckily found another job quickly. I start my orientation this week and hopefully will be back to working full time soon!

My baby turns 13 this month. I haven't thought too much about it other than we have a cake on order and all her gifts are tucked away and in need of being wrapped. We may or may not have some sort of party as we have no idea what any of ours schedules are going to look like by then. I figure if I think about it too much I am likely to bawl my eyes out.

I got a new hair style last week. After getting a terrible cut back in September I had refused to get another one figuring I could just make due with what ever it looked like on any given day. That worked for awhile but I just got really fed up with it and Will needed a haircut anyway so we broke down and did it. My good friend Christina has her own shop and so we ran up there and let her do what she wanted. She knows me well enough that she couldn't go too crazy, but I was more than ready for a change and that is what I got. Cut and color. I was tired of looking at all the new grays popping out all over and so now I am definitly not gray anymore. I have been told that I look 10 years younger. Way to go me!

I have been trying to work on a graduation album for Tori while I have been home and had the time to get it finished. Don't you know that my scrapbooking mojo has taken a hike and I have managed to complete 2 pages. I have pictures lying around that will go in it and several hundred more on the computer that I need to go through and make decisions on and I just get blocked when I get time to do it. I refuse to disappoint her like I did Amber. Amber didn't get her album until her 20th birthday. I need to just sit my ass down and get busy. It will look great when it is done and she will love it I just need to stop worrying about everything. I can't seem to help that part though.

Well, off to do another load of laundry, damn stuff multiplies like rabbits!

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scrapgoddess said...

Yuck. That is not fun! Both the SIL thing and hysterectomy. I hope by now you are feeling better.

Hope you saw a little surprise in the mail from me for your b-day! :)

FYI -- Am laughing my butt off about your laundry comment!