Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A new year and a new decade

Hard to believe that another decade has begun. I remember when the world was gearing up for the beginning on the new millenium and all the Y2K stuff. It was almost like a let down when nothing happened after all of the hype.

2010 marks the beginning of alot of new things in my life and the life of my family. I am looking forward to seeing alot of these changes and making things happen. I want to see changes in myself personally and have been taking steps to take back my life and be the one in charge. I have felt abit adrift for so long but am finally ready to take the reins.

2010 brings the turning of age for my Tori. She will be 18 very soon. She will be finishing up her senior year of high school, graduating with honors and moving away from home and onto a whole new life as a college student. Emily will be hitting those teenage years in a few months and the changes that brings are unspeakable! :) In ways I am glad that we have made it to this point, but in others I am saddened that my baby is growing up.

2010 brings in changes in our financial situation. Taking the bull by the horns and making decisions that are good and will benefit us in the long run. I have never been good with money, shopping has always been a crutch for me. I am finally ready to make the changes necessary to really live life well. In turn those changes will allow us to move and expand our horizons. We don't know where or when yet, but the ideas are churning in our minds.

2010 also brings up the possibility is my returning to school. I am finally ready to tackle those few remaining classes and get my Associates degree and then go on to do even more and find a career that I like. I am thinking Accounting or something like that. I want a regular office job that allows me to have the off days spent with my family doing fun things.

2010 is going to be full of changes. I look forward to seeing those changes happen and help make them happen as well. I want to change and be a better person. I want to be able to spend quality time with my girls before they are gone from the nest. I want to create and learn and expand my horizons.

The slate has been wiped clean and I am ready.

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scrapgoddess said...

Good for you! A New Year and a fresh slate is always a wonderful feeling!